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Important Reasons for Choosing The Services of Gangtok Package Tour

Important Reasons for Choosing The Services of Gangtok Package Tour

Many people are tired of their busy schedule and the everyday routine of their life and therefore want to go for a holiday trip to a mountain region. In such cases, Gangtok package tour is one of the best options who can organize the perfect holiday trip for their clients covering up all the details of planning till booking of the hotels. They also arrange all kinds of adventure sports for their adventure lover clients. Here are some of the reasons for choosing this particular package tour as your next holiday destination.

Gangtok is a city which does not have its own airport or any railway station. That is why all the visitors have to depend on the road service in order to reach there. Best transports are being granted by Gangtok package tour to all the clients including the pickup and drop at services at the nearest airport or the railway station. This is probably the best package for all the clients as they do not have to take any headache of reaching to their destination.

Gangtok package tour provides all their clients with the best service by offering them the authentic Tibetan culture at Do-Drul Chorten and Rumtek Monastery where they can interact with the monks and take part in their prayer ceremony. The package arranges for special deluxe rooms in a first-class hotel along with complimentary breakfast and the opportunity of tasting the exclusive Tibetan delicacy.

Gangtok package tour arranges for different types of adventurous sports for all their clients in different parts of the city. They help to experience trekking, bungee jumping, and paragliding specially customized for their adventure lover clients. Special protections are also being ensured by the tour agents so that the clients can take part in the sports in a safe and secured manner.

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