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Poush Mela – Another Reason To Visit Shantiniketan

Poush Mela – Another Reason To Visit Shantiniketan

Have you ever experienced any traditional rural festival of Bengal? If your answer is negative then you should choose Shantiniketan package tour during the last week of December or as per the Bengali calendar, the month of Poush to get the authentic taste of the culture and heritage of Bengal.


In the land of Rabindranath Tagore, Poush Mela is considered to be one of the biggest festivals of the Birbhum district. Since its inception in 1894 with the inaugural ceremony of the Brahma Mandir or the Prayer Hall, the festival was first started by Tagore’s father Devendranath Tagore. At present, the Mela has become the popular cultural fairs of Bengal.


The people who visit the Poush Mela from all over the globe do get a chance to witness a unique rural fair where local people artisans do give stalls to sell their commodities directly to the common people. The book lovers may get a chance to buy exclusive books written by Tagore, books about the tribal culture and also other eminent writers.


Shantiniketan is also the home ground of Dokhra, terracotta and Kantha stitched sarees, batik work clothes which the people may buy in large amount. The uniqueness of these handicraft items is that the local people do prepare all the items in front of the tourists. The home décor items, jewelry accessories and all the other products do attract tourists from all over the world.


Food stalls are also the major attraction of the people visiting the Poush Mela as they get to taste various types of local Indian sweets. All sweets ranging from chanar payesh to tile r khaja, moa to patishapta are being prepared by the local men and women in front of the tourists in the stalls itself. Homemade pickles and sugarcane juices in every corner of the fair is also an added attraction to all the tourists.

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