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Poush Mela, Santiniketan

Poush Mela, Santiniketan

Poush Mela, Santiniketan – take a journey into yourself through nature

Well, If you are travel-mongers, and really keen to nurture the Nature,let’s hit the road of ‘lalmati’ Birbhum this Christmas. Truely in the lap of Tagore’s wonderland , you will feel a profound serenity, totally refreshed from your daily –life.

Why Christmas?

The best  part of Santiniketan is the worldwide famous poush mela, santiniketan, starting from 23rd to 25th of December every year. A wide long ground, which is ordinarily called ‘melar math’ (ground for fair only) ,wore the clad of a extraordinary fair  by this time. If you want to experience cordially the intermingling of India and abroad, you are just planning for the perfect place.


  • As Birbhum is a renowned place for folk songs and dances, many ‘boulia dol’(band of folk songs),folk dancers from whole Indian folk community come here to perform to give the audience profound bliss and solid sense of spiritual love.
  • If you are completely in a mood of spending your best evening tea-time in the lap of ‘sonajhuri’ tree after the whole day of shopping, and wants to grab the opportunity to see tribal dance moves live, make this plan work soon.
  • Bolpur has the best collection of designed ornaments- ‘dokra’ , ornaments made of clay. One of the famous kind of stitches in India has originated here named ‘kantha-stitch’. You can buy some memento for your friends and family made of ‘terrakota’. So, are you ready for a whole lot of shopping?
  • As you are visiting at the time of Christmas, apart from poushh mela, tick on your visiting list to take a glance over museum stuffed with the memory of ‘kabiguru’ and the University Campus of Viswa-bharati to probe on the ‘guru-sishya’ pattern of learning of ancient days.
  • Spend one day roaming about nearby places like khoai, Kankali tala, Fullara tala, Parks and boating etc.
  • Food corner

Bolpur conjures up it’s eateries with hand full of excellent sweet dishes. ‘Pathisapta’ (made of rice and coconut) homemade cookies etc. well, it’s very healthy to carry some foods with you for children especially.

So, visit the place of simplicity and peace this December with all your heart. Happy journey…

by Oindrila Ray

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