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Why Should You Prefer The Different Services of Dooars Package Tour?

Why Should You Prefer The Different Services of Dooars Package Tour?

Have you ever experienced visiting the forests and mountains in a single holiday trip? Have you ever experienced the smell of the woods and also trailed along the narrow paths of the jungle? Well, if your answer is negative, then you can surely have the experience of such place in Dooars, the land of the rich biodiversity of wildlife, innumerable streams and waterfalls, green carpets of tea gardens, rich tropical forests and ethnic people. Lying along the foothills of the Himalayas, Dooars is the most favorite tourists spot gifting people with an immense treasure of natural beauty and fresh oxygen. Here are some of the important reasons for choosing Dooars package tour as a part of your next holiday destination.


Dooars package tour is the ideal package where the clients will be taken to loads of interesting and uncommon sightseeing tours. It has also been reported by many of the earlier visited clients, that this particular tour package takes the travelers to the less visited tourist spots of Dooars. Right from walking through the narrow paths of the woods and the tribal villages, to sit along the banks of the innumerable streams, experiencing the beautiful sunset peeping through the trees, the tour package provides all the interesting things to their clients. They provide their travelers with the opportunity of matching steps with the tribal women along with the drum beaten by the tribal men.

Dooars package tour services provide exclusive package of 4 nights 5 days to all their clients covering all the popular places of Dooars, Lataguri, and Jaldapara forests. It also covers other smaller destinations such as Suntalekhola, Murti River, and Samsing that attracts millions of tourists with their natural beauty. If possible and also if the weather permits then they also take their clients to watch the Bhutan border in Jhalong and Bindu along with the Joldhaka barrage.


Most of the travelers opt for the service of Dooars package tour for their exclusive accommodation and food services. The most exciting part is that they offer the travelers to stay in the log hut, in a tent by the riverside or in the tree house provided by the government in the midst of the forests. Also if anyone prefers then the package tour providers make accommodation in the premium quality hotel with deluxe rooms in the forests. Food is also a major attraction as different dishes of fishes and meat are also being cooked in the local spices to make the food much more tasty and delicious.

It is obvious that in the forests, different rare species of plants and insects are being found that are often very dangerous for the human beings. Also, forests do not have medical facilities like any town or city. As such medical services should be well equipped in order to gift the travelers a tension free holiday trip. Initially, the tour providers note down the medical history of each of their clients before the commencement of the trip. They, therefore, supply all kinds of emergency medical help whenever it is being required in order to make the travel much more enjoyable.

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