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Which are The Reasons For Choosing Shantiniketan Package Tour Services?

Which are The Reasons For Choosing Shantiniketan Package Tour Services?

Shantiniketan, the land of Tagore is just a few kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the city life where the people can enjoy their weekend trip. Shantiniketan package tour plans the ideal weekend destination trip for all their clients.  Here are some of the reasons for choosing This particular package tour as the next weekend trip.


Shantiniketan package tour does organize different exhibitions and cultural programs especially for their clients to enjoy tribal sports, folk songs especially Baul songs, various types of tribal music, Santhali and other tribal dances, handicrafts including dokra works, and traditional saris such as the Kantha-stitched saris and so on.


All around the year loads of tourists visit Shantiniketan to be a part f their famous festivals of Pous Mela, Basanta Utsav, Rabindra Jayanti and also others. This tour package provides their clients with special services where they can actively participate and enjoy themselves throughout the trip.


This particular package tour provides exclusive services of seasonal discounts and customized packages to their clients all throughout the year. Best quality deluxe rooms at the premium quality hotel along with the taste of the local cuisine are being offered to all the clients.

At present, Shantiniketan is being recognized by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site for its massive historical background along with the augmented culture and education. Only skilled and expert tour guides can explain the history behind the sculptures and various buildings of Shantiniketan. Shantiniketan package tour representatives suites the role of guides and make the trip much more enjoyable for their clients.

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