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Shantiniketan Package Tour and It’s Importance

Shantiniketan Package Tour and It’s Importance

Brief concept of Shantiniketan:

Shantiniketan is the great and holy place all over the world. In 1862 Maharshi Debendranath Tagore realized that the English language is essential for this reason he wants to teach English to their sons. Then he realises that the English language is important to every people. That is why he established a great institution which name was Shantiniketan.

Later the great personality and the efficient son of Debendranath Tagore, R. N. Tagore enhances the culture of Shantiniketan. For knowing the Indian culture, every people want to visit this place. Shantiniketan package tour and its popularity have been spread across the world. In this package, the tour includes all facilities. They help you to get an excellent cottage near Shantiniketan easily. Bus faculty, tour guide, meal facility are available from this package.


Shantiniketan package tour and its importance:


Shantiniketan is situated in colour which is popular in the hands of R. N. Tagore. The contribution of R. N. Tagore was known to every person. If you want to realise the importance of Shantiniketan, you should visit this place. For visiting this place,Shantiniketan package tour is important. The important features of this package tour are given through the below points:

  • In this package tour, clean and luxury bus are available. As a result, your journey will be comfortable.
  • Clean and excellent cottage are available if you use this package tour.
  • A well-known tour guide is also included in this package tour. As a result, you will know the detail of Shantiniketan.
  • Poush Mela and its important features are available if you use this package tour.
  • Holi is the important occasion of Shantiniketan. If you book this package tour in this time, you will enjoy the great occasion holi in the environment of Shantiniketan which will be helpful for your future life. For getting these experiences, this package tour became popular.


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