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Various Services That Are Available by Shantiniketan Package Tour

Various Services That Are Available by Shantiniketan Package Tour


Do you want a short break from the city life? Are you searching for any weekend trip destination? Well then, the ideal place for relaxing, Shantiniketan package tour can be your best option. People generally prefer a calm and quiet place as their destination and the land of Tagore does welcome guests from all over the world throughout the year. Here are some of the services provided by the tour.


This tour is a renowned name in taking care of the foreign tourists who are interested in visiting Shantiniketan from the different parts of the globe. The tour provides them with all the facilities right from money exchange to guide them to the correct path.


This particular package tour is a favorite name for all the office clubs and large groups as they provide the best service available. The tour package offers special discounts to the office clubs and to the large groups and also provides them with some additional services.

This particular package tour service is always well organized and well disciplined as the staffs who will accompany you to the destination are all well-educated and can, therefore, acts an excellent guide. The tour also offers additional or customized services to all their clients right from the arrival to the departure. Special discounts and surprises are available for the children.

Shantiniketan package tour services do have tie-ups with the bets homely hotels and guesthouses in the university town, keeping in mind the choice and preference of their clients. They also offer their clients to taste the local cuisine and enjoy bonfires, the local Santhali dance, folk songs especially Baul song and other local festivals.

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